Original Bath Powder

How about making your own original bath powder?

Original Bath Powder

Would you like to make your own original bath powder for greeting gifts, presents for wedding guests or just for promotional giveaways?
Spa Tokyo’s original bath powder is made in a way which allows you to freely mix the three components: color, fragrance and ingredients. Then it will be put into a package with an original printed design. In this way, you can get your one and only bath powder to your satisfaction.

Generally speaking, bath powders and bathwater additives can be divided into the following two categories:
A: Therapeutic bathwater additives (which help you heal body problems like heat rash, eczema, rheumatism, poor circulation, etc.)
B: Bathwater cosmetics (which helps you feel relaxed)

Spa Tokyo deals with both of the above categories. Please contact us directly about pricing and delivery schedule.

Mixing components you can choose

1.Capsaicin (extracted from red peppers) - which helps you perspire a lot.
2.Placenta Extract - which has a whitening care special feature.
3.Camellia Oil - which helps you feel relaxed.
4.Various others.

Types of bath powder

You can choose either a powder type or granular type.
However, therapeutic bathwater additives are only available as a powder.

Colors to choose

With the granular type, you can choose one of the following seven colors:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink.
With the powder type, there are two additional choices:
white and pastel color (milky white).
If you prefer, you can get a “colorless and transparent” type.

Fragrances to choose

You can choose from among the 35 fragrances we have. A fragrance-less powder is also possible.
Here are some possible fragrances;
・Hinoki (cypress) - which will make people (for example, foreign tourists) feel that they are really in Japan.
・Flower scents such as “lavender” and “jasmine” - which will make you feel refreshed.
・Fruit scents such as “yuzu" (aromatic citron) or “mango”
・Miso-soup scent - though it might be regarded as a novelty or a joke.

Please let us know if you want to know more about fragrances.

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